Planning Guide

At school, I maintain a 40-page guide that I distribute annually to all juniors. It is comprehensive, but hopefully not cumbersome. It contains information about junior and senior years to help students prepare to apply to college or enter the workforce. Here are several of the highlights that will be most helpful to students in the post high school planning process.


Planning Guide PDF


  • Page 8 — List of post high school options
  • Page 6 — Junior year timeline
  • Page 30 — Senior year timeline
  • Page 9 — Trade Apprenticeships
  • Page 10 — Military

College-Specific Resources

  • Page 13 — Timeline for College Admissions
  • Page 18 — Choosing a college
  • Page 24 — Standardized Testing
  • Page 26 — Letters of Recommendation
  • Page 35 — Paying for College


The College & Career Dashboard is a Hyperdoc that makes it easier for students to navigate important college information. I first developed the Dashboard as an alternative to the cumbersome packet of handouts that counselors traditionally provide to rising seniors. The Dashboard has two major advantages over paper handouts:

  1. The Dashboard pulls together all relevant information into one page so that it is easy to navigate.
  2. I can update the Dashboard in real time. I cannot modify traditional handouts once they leave my office.

Please see below for the active Hyperdoc that I am using with my students.

View Dashboard